PETER LURIE was born on the “Hippie Side” of Laurel Canyon in 1962. Coming from a family of actors it’s no surprise he jumped into the acting profession at an early age. In the late 60’s he got his start in the Roger Corman film “The Trip”. This film was directed by Jack Nicholson and starred Peter Fonda & Bruce Dern. As a teenager he studied with the Mother of Improvisational Theatre, “Viola Spolin”. After graduating from Los Angeles Valley College, Peter was close to a BA in theatre from CSUN when the opportunity came to work with Martin Sheen and Peter Firth on a motion picture. That film, “State of Emergency” was shot in England and France and to this date is still one of the most cherished moments of his career.

The 80’s were a tough time for actors so Peter paid the bills as a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood. He didn’t know it at the time, but this would prove to be the start of something big. While out on the back lot, Peter was overheard by the owner of a recording studio, he thought Peter should get into the Voice Over business. Six months later Peter would record his first job for ABC’s “Wild World of Kids”. During this time he would also pursue his love of music with a band he co-founded called “Fourth Car Foreign”. The band lasted 10 years but never caught on “commercially”.

The 90’s were a great time for the V.O. business. This financial freedom allowed Peter to pursue another interest, that of a thoroughbred horse owner. He had been on or around the racetrack since age 4, so it only seemed natural that he would become actively involved in Horse Racing. In the late 90’s Peter and his thoroughbred partnership went into business with trainer Warren Stute, the Dean of California Horce Racing, and for 5 yrs enjoyed moderate success.

The New Millenium brought hardship to the V.O. Business. Peter decided to pursue another occupation, this time as a jockey’s agent. Once again, one career move has a funny way of leading to another. One morning at a workout, he was approached about a new Horse Racing channel, HRTV. Peter quickly accepted the on-air job and to date is a major part of the Broadcast team. In addition to his HRTV success Peter is enjoying a resurgence in the Voice Over Busines including his role in the Sony Image Works, Academy Award Winning Animated Short Film “The Chubbchubbs”, as well as the lead character PAXTON FETTAL in the FEAR video game series. Peter is now part of the Nickelodeon series TMNT as the reoccurring character LEATHERHEAD, more importantly he is now an ACTION FIGURE… Does it get any better… I DON’T THINK SO!!!